Server Rules:

  1. No Racism of any kind.
    We have a zero tolerance approach to Racism on our servers and players caught being racist will be subject to temporary or permanent bans.
  2. No scroll-firing or use of macros.
    Scroll-firing and Macros provide an unfair advantage and negative experience for other players. Players caught using these may be subject to punishment.
  3. No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave)
    The Staff team have the final say when it comes to situations. If you believe a Staff Team Member is abusing their powers, please contact the Head-Admin for that game, Global Moderator or Management Team member immediately.
  4. No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players.
    Abusive behavior is not appreciated in any circumstance and may be subject to punishment depending on severity. Please treat others how you'd like to be treated.
  5. No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, copying administrator names or in-game (double caret (^)) color in names.
    Depending on the severity, players may be kicked or temporarily banned until their names are changed. We ask this of our players to ensure a comfortable experience for everyone.
  6. No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else.
    We kindly ask players to avoid recruitment of other servers, clans and other recruitment services as to continue to provide a comfortable experience for players.
  7. No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.
    We kindly ask players to avoid spamming and advertisement as it is not appreciated in our servers and social medias. Cups of cement will be handed out on case by case basis.
  8. No use of elevators or going outside of any map.
    Any players caught using cheats, glitches or exploits to leave the main playable areas of the maps or to enter unauthorized locations of maps may be subject to punishment.
  9. No use of hacks or exploits.
    We have a zero tolerance approach to any form of cheats, hacks, exploits or glitches within our servers. These may include (but are not limited to); Unauthorized modifications, "aim bots" or "trigger mods", "ESP" or "Wall hacks", "UI" Mods (such as external programs that may add crosshairs), "Recoil Mods" (such as "No Recoil"), "Jitter" mods, "Health mods" (such as "God mode"), "Ghosting", "Ammo and Item Mods" (such as using disabled items, "infinite" ammo, using items that are not naturally in the game), "Grenade/Claymore Switching" (The act of throwing grenades or using Claymores/Explosives by tossing them at players and then switching teams), "Movement Mods" (such as "NoClip" or "Flying" mods), "Scripting" "Radar Cheats/Modifications" and many more. Users caught cheating will be permanently banned on the spot. If you have been banned for cheating and believe this is incorrect, please contact us through our ban appeal form by clicking: here
  10. Players must play the objective and support their team.
    For our servers featuring an objective game mode (such as "Search and Destroy"), we ask that all players perform their duties to the team and play the objective. We ask this so that players can have a fair and comfortable time in our servers. Warnings may be handed out to players who are abusing or avoiding this so that gameplay can continue. Repeated breaches may result in further punishment.

Clan Rules (for our Clan Members):

  1. No Double Clanning (If you are in another clan we will demote you)
    To us, Clan Members are basically a family. If you wish to join another clan, please notify us, and we can take any action needed, but please respect that we treat each other as family.
  2. Important rule that really should be known, HACK FREE CLAN, pretty obvious.
    In accordance with our Server Rules, we are a NO CHEAT CLAN, so anyone inside the clan who has been caught cheating will be removed immediately, banned from our servers and added to our Hall of Shame. Please respect this.
  3. All members should respect one another, yes have a troll have a joke, but not to take it too far.
    Inter-clan jokes and comments are cool, but if someone really does ask you to stop, please do so. We like to have a joke, but if it goes too far, action will be taken.
  4. If you disappear try to notify someone what's the deal, whether you go on holiday or even leave it'd be nice to know.
    We are all here for one another and it would be nice to know if you need to take some time away, have a holiday or will be gone for a while, so we can keep up to date. Users who are inactive for a long time may be removed.
  5. Discord is not to be used for spamming, but raging is welcome.
    Please do not spam our Forums, Discord or other Social medias with repeated content. If you need to have a quick rage/rant, you are welcome, but please do not spam or cause issues.
  6. When in doubt flop it out.
    Everybody do the flop.
  7. Activity on Discord is mandatory.However, no one will force you to speak in the voice channels.
    We ask that all Clan Members please join our Discord where you can keep up to date on the servers and contact people if needed. Discord is mandatory, so we can contact you if issues arise, but we do not force you to join any of our available Voice Channels, only keep up to date with Announcements, Rules and anything else deemed important.
  8. Clan tags are meant to be worn at all times.
    As a member of our Clan/Family, we ask that you represent our Clan Tags [NN] loud and proud. For most games such as Call of Duty, you can change your name in the console to add our tags, and we appreciate those who do, so thank you to all the Clan Members who make NamelessNoobs amazing.

Staff Rules (for all of our Staff Members):

  1. All Staff need to be available on Discord while in-game.
    This helps all Staff to keep track of reports or to see if other Staff members are assisting each other. It also allows all Staff Members to keep up to date on changes, bans or issues. Please also try to check the Website/Forums at least once a day to review topics, changes and appeals. This is non-negotiable. Do it, or you may lose your Administration Rights.
  2. All new promotions have to be approved by a discussion of Head Admins.
    This helps to keep the team in check with whom the new Admins are, why they wish to join and what games they wish to apply for. It also allows the Head Admins to apply any and all roles to the new team such as Discord and Forum roles plus in-game permissions, so they can get started.
  3. Admins are everyones colleagues, there is no "my" admins or "your" admins, everyone is the same.
    Bickering amongst the Staff are solved by the Head-Admins, so please no micro-managing or anything like that. Questioning of their decisions can be made in private, but not in #general and NOT in-game, Admin decisions should appear outwards as final.
  4. Please respect one another, regardless of roles or activity.
    We can understand that one admin may not like another, but we ask that you take this up with someone else or to remain friendly with them in public. Shouting, screaming, bickering, fighting and other various actions help no-one and only makes yourself look bad.
  5. If someone 1 or -1 on an application, that is their choice.
    You can ask the person to elaborate more if they wish to, but if someone wants to vote either 1 or -1 on an application, it is their choice, just as it is yours.
  6. If someone you personally 1 gets denied or removed, it's NOT personal.
    Please respect that we are open to accepting most people into the Clan or certain individuals onto the Staff Team, but if one of your friends do not get accepted, we promise it's not for personal reasons. There has been issues in the past with some members who have acted inappropriately during their time in the Clan, and so we reserve the right to remove anyone (clan or staff) who do not listen to others, have respect or act in a horrible way to others.
  7. If you are having issues with another member or admin, contact their Head Admin
    If you believe that there're issues with another member or admin arising, please reach out to their Head Admin. If the issue lies with the Head Admin, contact a Global Moderator or Management Team member immediately. Please do not cause a scene in #general or forum posts, please do not talk shit in PM/DMs. Either sit down and have a 1 to 1 with them or contact a higher up.
  8. ALL punishments should be proportional!
    Do not permanently ban someone for camping, it's just not right. Do not kick or ban someone being annoying unless they are breaching a rule. Please do not give bullshit reasons, attempt to kick/ban other admins (You may kick an admin ONLY if they are inactive/afk), or attempt to do anything that may be over-the-top or taken too far. If you believe a Staff Member is breaking a rule, contact a higher-up on Discord immediately. Note: ALL punishments NEED to have a reason attached.
  9. Power Abuse is strictly forbidden, so watch it!
    Any form of power abuse is not allowed. Any Staff Member found to be abusing their powers may be demoted, kicked or even banned depending on severity. This includes (but is not limited to); Unmanning friends or players who have been banned (All players have the right to make a ban appeal), muting, kicking or banning players for reasons other than rule breaches and more.

    Our Servers:

    Our servers are a place to stay and have fun with other people comrades, to have a good time and enjoy both the game and our servers.
    We expect everyone to follow our rules & to play fair.

    Our Admins are the ones who work hard to make that happen and ensure fair play, I ask everyone to follow their calls and to abide the rules.
    If you got banned (temporary or permanent) you have the right to fill in an unban request here to get your ban reviewed.

    Note; Admin application will be considered based on your activity on Discord/Forums & Game Servers (This applies for all games)
    Note; You must first be a clan member to become an admin. (with the exception of our Rust Servers)
    Note; Minimum age to join the clan is 18 & 16 for Minecraft.

    Our Discord Server

    Thanks in advance,
    NamelessNoobs Management Team