Xin20Wang Proof for Ban

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Video Proof: Xin20Wang Proof

Image Proof: Xin20Wang Chat Messages

Reason for ban: Xin20Wang joined the minecraft server and immediately told Chicago1234ish that he had hacks. As shown in the Video (If link doesn't do it for you, go to 7:47) he openly admitted to having multiple hacks. After speaking to him, it was confirmed he had PvP and PvE hacks from his messages. Although he didn't indicate which PvP hacks he had in use. After speaking to him for a while he showed very impolite behavior towards Chicago1234ish and I. Chicago1234ish gave both of us Vanish so we would not appear ingame, but could still chat with players in the server. He noticed at some point that we were no longer showing on the leaderboard and made disrespectful remarks about the both of us; though I am sure they were aimed more at me than Chicago1234ish since I had more interaction with the player. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with a player that joins the server and tells the staff he has hacks if he agrees to get rid of them and play legitimately like the rest of the player base on the server. Xin20Wang decided he didn't want to come to a compromise, instead he decided to become rude. I have no problem with a player acting out a little bit for a comedic purpose, but the way he presented himself in the server at the time, I concluded that he was doing it for other reasons. I believe his aim was to get a response from me that would be un-professional. Since this was my first time confronting a hacker in the minecraft server, I might have made a mistake here and there when it comes to talking to them professionally. I do believe the video and photos taken provide sufficient proof of his behavior and him admitting to hacking, and not wanting to come to a compromise.

tl:dr Player joins server, admits to having hacks, is rude to administration, gets banned.

Hacks he admitted to having:
X-Ray - Allows players to toggle on and off a setting that lets them see ores through blocks. Gives an unfair advantage when it comes to mining.
Kill Aura - PvP hack that lets the player hit faster, farther, and in a radius, pretty much makes the player never miss a swing if an opponent is in hitting distance.

Hack Client I suspect him of using:
I won't give them for it in this forum post, I don't think anyone wants the name of a hack client in the forums. If an admin or someone wants the name and link of the client it can be provided, just send me a quick pm.

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wow this is some really bad proof /s
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