Clan Ranks - Explained.

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Just like every other clan we have clan ranks.
So I will give some quick explanations.

"I run this bitch." - st0rm 2k16

Administrator / CEO
Leaders of this clan.Don't question their decisions.

Global Moderator
In charge for all games.Get advanced server/forum/discord permissions.

Coding stuff for the clan.

MW3 Head Admin , MW Head Admin & MC Head Admin
In charge for all applications,promotions,demotions... Basicaly almost all stuff related to the game they are a Head Admin of.
Refer to them if you have any question related to you and this clan.

MW Senior Admin & MW3 Senior Admin
Has more privileges than a regular admin.Given to trusted and hard working regular admins.

MW3 Admin , MW Admin & MC Admin
Clan members who've proven themselves that they deserve it get promoted to this rank.They get basic admin privileges on all servers of the game they applied for.

Clan Member
People who just got accepted to the clan get this rank,no special permissions.Stick with us for some time and prove you deserve to get promoted.

Senior Staff & Staff
Senior Staff is a rank that represents higher rank members.
Senior Staff
Global Moderators,Head Admins,trusted Developers
Staff represents all other admins.

Managment Team
The management team consists of the most powerful people in this community.

This is given to other people who are cool with the guys from the clan.


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