Uncle Jed is hacking - I have proof

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2 weeks 16 hours ago (Thu Nov 21, 2019 5:32 pm)

So, earlier today I was playing on your MW server HC TDM and a user by the name of Uncle Jed was in the lobby. At first it started out okay but after getting killed from around a corner and through some walls I decided to spectate Uncle Jed and it became quite apparent that he was hacking. He was locking on to players through walls and his sights were jumping with quick and snappy movements. He even shot at his teammates a few times before - low and behold an enemy would walk around the corner and he would then shoot at the enemy (the enemy of course lining up with his teammate so it would make it hard for someone with wall hack on to determine which side of a wall some one was on)
he of course denied this but I have proof as I recorded his game play in a demo. What can I do to get you all the proof and will you all IP ban him so that way he can't just change his GUID and get back on the server?

Have a rocking day and thank you for the time you took to read all this. :penis:

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2 weeks 13 hours ago (Thu Nov 21, 2019 8:57 pm)

Are you able to post the demo or send it to me through discord?
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