Temp ban possible perm/ Regrets to what I said.

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I used a racist term which I am very sorry for. I'm not that kind of person. It hurt my heart and I felt super bad for what I said. I would love to show you that i'm not a racist and it was a mistake and I regret everything I said. I promise I ill never do it again. It's been in my mind that what I said was f'd and me using the word like that is by the far worst feeling. I talk to myself in my mind and say " Why'd I type that, it's unnecessary. admins and moderators please forgive me, your mw3 24/7 lockdown is one of my favorite servers and I love the people on there. I don't remember which admin banned me but to him/her and everyone who was there when I said that I apologize. It's been three days as a temp ban but i'm not sure if it's a perm or a temp, thank you for reading this and taking time to read it.

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